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KlimaSail Ostsee Rundtörns 2019 - 2. Etappe

Amazone, 07.07.-18.07.2019

Sailing trip around the Baltic Sea Part 2 – Kalmar (SWE) to Helsinki (FIN)

On the Seventh of July the german part of our group started their journey to Kalmar in Schenefeld. We travelled by bus and ferry and after nearly one day we arrived at the Amazone. There we met a motivated group which just finished their sailing trip around the baltic sea the day before. We had some time left to chat about our experiences before the other group started their journey back home. During this exchange of sailing adventures we became really curious about the next days and the adventures waiting for us. In the late afternoon our group was completed by the arrival of our swedish group members. We had dinner together and finished the day with funny games in the harbour. Tired but also excited for the adventures to come we fell asleep in our bunks.

The next day started with safety and sailing instructions and after that we finally set sails. The wind blew from the right direction and a long, wavy day laid in front of us. Because nearly none of us sailed before we figured out together who was seasick and tried to make the day as comfortable as possible for all of us. In the evening we arrived in Oskarshamn and enjoyed the evening sun in the harbour. The next morning started really early because the wind was ready to blew us to Visby. Again we faced a day full of sailing adventures, waves and sun. With a strong sloping position it was really challenging to prepare lunch and cook tea. But with many helping hands and a lot of fun we made it! Save and a bit tired we arrived in Visby in the evening. Everyone recovered really quick and so we had some time to discuss climate change and green house effect, to play some funny (some say embarassing) games in the harbour and we finished the day with a prayer. We decided to stay in Visby for one more day and so we discovered the marine creatures in the harbour and measured physical and chemical parameters of the baltic sea. We found out how climate change affects the balitc sea and all living things within. In the afternoon we explored Visby and afterwards we shared our experiences during a barbecue next to the Amazone (typical german dinner for warm and sunny summerdays).

Next days were determined by sailing and travelling. We tried to make it to Stockholm but the wind was against us. So we dropped the anchor in the archipelago off the swedish coast and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings with amazing tacos for dinner (in Sweden there is a tradition that every family eats tacos on Fridays and of course so did we). Before we moved on, it was time for our first swimming session in the morning – but the water was cold as ice and only four brave ones jumped into the baltic sea. Afterwards our Crew directed us safley through the archipelago and once again we dropped the anchor close to the swedish coast. There was time for swimming and luckily the water was a bit warmer so nearly all of us jumped into the sea. After dinner we got ready for one of our most exciting experience on this trip - our boatmen disembarked us to a little island. There we enjoyed the beautiful environment and finished our day with a prayer during sunset. Back on the Amazone it was time for anchor watch to make sure we wouldn’t move during the night (Don’t worry we did watches during the night before as well- safety first!). We shared the watches and took care of our ship and home in small groups during the entire night.

After we left the swedish archipelago in the morning, we had to overcome a long journey to reach the finnish coast. Because we adressed topics like the pollution of our oceans and how to deplastify our lifes the days before we took the chance on this calm and sunny day to start a „do it yourself“-session. We produced our own bread and toppings as well as toothpaste and nets for fruits and vegetables. We sailed through the night and arrived in Hanko (Finland) before lunch time the next day. The harbour was really small and loud so we spent our afternoon at a beach. There we figured out why fishing companies catch more than they should and how fish stocks cope with it. In the evening we had a presentation party and the germans presented to us their crowdfunding projects which they organized before our journey started. Afterwards it was time for newscast: our selfmade engineers and researchers informed us about the dramatic status of the baltic sea and presented new inventions how fishing could be more sustainable in the future.

The next day we spent our time travelling through the archipelagos of finland into the direction of Helsinki. Along the way we also figured out how we can make this world a better place and fight against climate change. In the evening we dropped the anchor for the last time on this journey and during sunset we celebrated our last get-together. Early in the morning the engine of the Amazone started to bring us safely and in time to Helsinki. After breakfast our cleaning-party started and at 10 o’clock we reached the harbour. The other group, which is now the new crew of the Amazone, was already there. We had lunch together and shared our experiences. Then unfortunately it was time to leave the ship and say goodbye. Warm hugs were exchanged and a lot of tears were shed before all of us had to travel back home.

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